About Our Guild

Our World of Warcraft guild, Ravens Wyrd, was formed in early 2011 and originally started as a bank guild. Before the launch of Mists of Pandaria it was decided to turn Ravens Wyrd into a real guild. We have started raiding old content and current content.

GuildTabbardWe are mostly a group of friends who just want to play together. We are a mature guild though being overly crude won't get you anywhere. We like to have fun and joke around. We love achievements and enjoy going on raids. We are a family in a sense. If you're a mature adult who's easy going and open minded then you just might be for us! Please read Our Rules and talk to us in game by typing /who Ravens and whispering someone online. We don't require much in the way of an interview we just like to get to know you.

We have since branched out into other games, most notably: Rift. We are Ravens Wyrd, Defiant, on Greybriar. Though please note that this is not a very active guild.